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Believe it or not, these bags don't stuff themselves full of crap. Summit employs a varied assortment of human beings to sell jobs, recruit people, process things, repair things, and accomplish all those other tasks Lloyd Dobler is too good for.  If you think you can put up with us enough to get one of them done, email your resume (as a plain text, Word, or PDF attachment) to:


We'll get back to you if we're interested. In maybe hiring you, we mean. Not anything intimate. You seem nice, but we're kinda seeing somebody right now.


If you start every sentence with "HELLO…" then YOU might be the person we're after! If you're so detail driven you make Sherlock Holmes look like a Chris Farley character, YOU might be the person we're after! If you're so passionate about delivering extensible, on-time solutions that you one considered dating a calendar of deadlines, YOU might be the person we're after! And, finally, if you're so obsessed with contributing to the development of high-performance teams through rigorous goal-setting, disciplined attention to performance metrics, continuous process improvement and mentorship that you are not afraid to pick up the phone... YOU might be the person we're after! So go on! Give it a shot, why don't'cha?


In this job, you'll learn: the difference between stakeholders and steakholders. One is invested in the project. The others would like you to get out of the way so they can serve people their meat.


Intangible benefits: Only if you make friends with the steakholders. Then maybe they can hook you up with hot yeast rolls or something.


Potential hazards: Once you learn how to anticipate bottlenecks, you'll never be able to pass a cooler of beer without feeling nervous.


If Summit Medical were a superhero team, you'd be: one of those supporting characters who help the hero figure out what the clues mean. Con? You'll never really get your own book. Pro? You'll almost never get in a fist-fight with the bad guy.


Worst part of the job: when you fill up on yeast rolls and then the steakholder brings your meat and you're like "Aaaa, I can't eat this now, why did I fill up on bread?"


Make sure you bring: a successful track record. You know, like Chariots Of Fire or something. That record went to #1 in 1981. It doesn't get more successful than that.

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