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Traveling Nursing Insurance

With Summit Medical Staffing, you won’t sacrifice any of the security you enjoy as a permanent employee at a healthcare facility. That’s because we offer great health insurance. You can have the confidence in knowing that while you are taking care of your patients, we’ll be taking care of you.


Knowing that your health and well-being is protected can leave the door for adventure wide open. You can enjoy the best part of travel nursing without any “what if” worries. You can arrive in your new city and get out there and experience it all and know that we have you covered.


Health, Life and Dental Insurance with Prescription Coverage

You are insured by the best group plan on every assignment, with major medical, preventative diagnostic and basic dental coverage, and life insurance, on all 8-week or greater staffing assignments. Plus our travel nursing health insurance is portable, so you can take your insurance with you if you decide to leave.


Dependent Health, Life and Dental Insurance
Basic coverage is available for qualified dependents for an additional fee. All dependent coverage charges are deducted monthly from your paycheck, on a pre-tax basis.


Free, Professional Liability Insurance
This important coverage is free for all our travel nurses.


*We make adding optional coverages simple by deducting premiums monthly from your paycheck on a pretax basis.

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