Radiologic Technologist/Imaging Professional

No other career choice can offer you benefits like the ones you'll receive as a traveling radiologic technologist/imaging professional. Where else you can live in our beautiful and free private housing, earn a great salary, receive all the health benefits of a permanent position, and earn bonuses on many assignments?  Plus, you'll receive all this while visiting the locations you always dreamed of seeing.


Travel healthcare is a great career option for experienced ultrasound techs, interventional radiology techs, special procedure techs, echo techs and MRI techs. Your skills are in demand, which means you have many choices as to where you want to work. We have jobs across the country or across town in acute care hospitals and outpatient clinics.


As a traveler, you can choose to spend the winter months enjoying the sunny, delightful weather of Florida, California or Arizona and you can summer in New York or, Washington. The choice is yours. And with each new area and setting you work in, you gain a fresh, new perspective on your skill level and capabilities - like providing more experienced patient care and learning new techniques.


As a new or experienced radiologic technologist/imaging professional, we will help you meet your goals.  As a new or experienced respiratory care practitioner, we will help you meet your goals.  Call us or complete our online application to get started on your travel career.

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