Smartphone Apps for the Healthcare Professional On-The-GO


Check out the list of apps we’ve put together to help make your travel assignment as fulfilling (and stress free) as possible!  Some of the apps help simplify traveling on the road, and other will help you take advantage of your surroundings while you are on your assignment.  Enjoy!

NOTE: Next to the name of the app is its rating in the app stores, with 5-star topping the charts.   We’ve also listed the app’s cost and availability for iOS and Android.

The iOS means it will work on any Apple mobile device such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Most other devices will feature the Android applications.

The Must-Haves:


TripIt (★★★★) – Free for iOS/Android

The TripIt trip planner keeps all of your travel plans in one spot. Create a master travel itinerary, and access your itinerary planner online or on your mobile phone.  Plan your entire time off time with this easy-to-use app.  Keep track of your upcoming getaways, setting reminders, and what you need to pack.  The app even allows you to keep your friends updated online with your latest adventures!


Goby (★★★) – Free for iOS/Android

Take advantage of everything your new location offers with an app that shows you all of the fun activities taking place in your new city.  Concerts, restaurant specials, attractions — you name it.  If you are up for something fun, Goby will help you find it.


Expensify (★★★★★) – Free for iOS/Android

Import expenses directly from a credit card to create free expense reports quickly.  Approve reports online and reimburse directly to a checking account with one click.   Expensify allows you to sync your bank accounts and credit cards to track all your spending in real-time.  Take pictures of receipts for easy record keeping, and plan ahead for future expenses. As a traveler, it’s important to keep on top of your expenditures and track your spending.


GasBuddy (★★★★★) – Free for iOS/Android

Never waste money again with this app. It’s simple: type in where you are or where you are going and GasBuddy tells you where to find the cheapest gas. For a traveler on the road or settling into a new location, this app is a no brainer!


Hotel Tonight (★★★★½) – Free for iOS/Android

Now you’ll have an app for being able to find the very best hotel deals when you are looking for one – even at the last minute.  Might sound simple but, trust us, this app can be a lifesaver!


Medscape by WebMD
(★★★★ ½) – Free for iOS/Android

The most used healthcare app available, Medscape provides medical news, alert, and articles. It allows users to check clinical references, procedures for treating diseases and conditions, and even provides medical calculators.  And for the nurse always trying to get one step ahead, this provides information for continuing medical education.


Social Media for Nurses: (★★★★ ½) – Free for iOS/Android

This app is the mobile version of the nurse forum website,  It’s the same concept: blogs, forums, and input from nurses in all specialty areas all around the country.


Code Happy (★★★★) – Free for iOS/Android

Code Happy is an app is a mobile nursing community that easily allows you to connect in a caring way with other nurses.   Have a bad day?  Code Happy – which allows you to send and receive supportive messages — can help make it better! Use this app to network with nurses in your area and make new friends!


Just for FUN:


Postagram Postcards
(★★★★★) – Free for iOS/Android (mailing fee)

Want to make your friends jealous of your travel adventures and creativity?  Then get this app which allows you to take photos of your latest journey, turn them in to beautiful postcards, and send them – via snail mail — to your family and friends.


REI Snow Report (★★★★ ½) – Free for iOS/Android

Yes!  You’ve landed a position in the mountains – or close enough to get some ski time in on your time off.  Whether your assignment is taking you to VT, WV, NC, CO, CA, UT or any mountain location in between, this app will let you know when to hit the slopes.  In addition to showing you five-day forecasts of your favorite ski spot, it will also track the amounts of new snow as well as the depth of snow at the top and bottom of mountains.


Sleep Machine Lite (★★★★½) – Free for iOS/Android

Does this new-age technology have your head spinning?  Need some relaxation help?  Whether after work or in between shifts, this handy app allows you to snooze to the sounds of the beach, rain, chimes or many other soothing sounds. Getting sleepy? There is always a NAP for that APP!