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How do I start as a Traveling Medical Professional with Summit Medical Staffing?

The quickest way is to apply online. All of the forms you will need are located under the resources tab including an application and skills checklists. You can also call toll free 1-877-514-6721 and speak with a Professional Career Representative who can have an information packet sent to you.


Am I obligated to travel with Summit Medical Staffing if I fill out an application?

No. You are never obligated to work for or travel with Summit Medical Staffing regardless of whether you have submitted your application or not. Your information is always kept confidential and we must get your permission before submitting your resume to a client. This gives you a chance to explore your options and choose the best assignment.


What is the process to become a Traveling Medical Professional?

Our process is simple. All we need to begin is your application or resumé .Once we receive your information we can begin discussing potential assignments that fit your profile. Again, you are under no obligation to travel with Summit Medical Staffing just because you submitted your information to us. Your personal Career Representative will send you an information packet that contains a simple checklist outlining the documents you will need to become a traveling nurse or travel allied health professional. Many of these documents and the checklist can be downloaded from our website under the resources tab.


Is there a fee to become a Traveling Medical Professional with Summit Medical Staffing?

Absolutely not. We’re paid by the hospital. If you choose to travel with Summit Medical Staffing, you will become our employee and we pay you.


How much is my pay?

Your total compensation package, including your hourly pay, is completely customized to fit your needs. Pay rates vary from assignment to assignment depending on location and the hospital.


How often will I be paid?

You are paid every week and you may elect to have your pay directly deposited. Most traveling nurses and allied health professionals have their paycheck directly deposited in their primary bank to eliminate the hassle of finding a new bank for each assignment.


What is a Personalized Pay Package?

It simply means we have the flexibility to compensate you in a number of different ways. Most traveling nurse and allied health companies have cookie-cutter programs and a take it or leave it attitude. With Summit Medical Staffing, we find out what is most important to you; hourly pay, stipends, bonuses, Per Diem, etc. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, put a package together outlining each item, and clearly explain your total compensation.


What about housing?

All travelers receive a housing stipend unless housing is provided by the facility. All recruiters have resources to housing databases for you to the find the best housing for you and your travel companions. 


What is Per Diem?

Per Diem allowances and reimbursements are typically tax-free dollars allotted to you for traveling away from your primary residence. It is designed to cover the expense of your meals, transportation and many costs associated with traveling.


Do you offer a Tax Deferred Retirement Plan?

Yes, we offer a 401k plan after 90 days. Contact Director of HR, Andrea Rauhut, at 402-285-7995 / OR contact your recruiter for more information.


Do you offer travel reimbursements?

Yes, Summit Medical Staffing will provide you a travel stipend reimbursement to assist you with any of the costs you incur traveling to and from your assignment. Half of this stipend is provided in your first paycheck while the remainder is provided at the end of your assignment.


What travel nursing and travel allied health assignments are available?

Summit Medical Staffing has open travel assignments throughout the country for most specialties and shifts. We receive and fill new assignments everyday. You tell us where you want to travel and we’ll present open assignments or find one for you. Additionally, you can search our jobs on the Job Search page.


How long does it take to get an assignment?

Once you have interviewed for the position and both you and the hospital/facility decide to move forward, it typically takes between one and six weeks depending on when you are available and the start date of the assignment. We typically begin presenting new assignments to you about 30 days from the end of your current assignment.


What about state licensing?

Your personal Career Representative can tell you exactly how much time is necessary to apply for a state license and the cost. Of course, if a temporary license is required, Summit Medical Staffing will reimburse you for the cost. Click HERE to see our licensing page.


What happens after my travel nursing assignment is over?

Before your assignment is over, typically 30 days, your personal Career Consultant will begin discussing new travel assignments with you. However, it is completely your choice to extend your assignment (if an extension is offered), take another assignment, go full time or simply take some time off. If you want to see some of the assignments we have available search our jobs on the Travel Nursing Job Search page.

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