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Earn up to 15% more money in your paycheck!

Summit Medical Staffing is prepared to give you a daily allowance for every day you are on assignment that could add up to 15% more money in each check!


That's right! It's the Summit Medical Staffing Tax Advantage Plan. With this incredible new benefit the tax law allows us to make a daily payment for meals and incidentals to full-time traveling healthcare professionals who take assignments that are at least 50 miles away from home.

It's really quite simple. When you receive your bi-weekly paycheck, we'll include the total amount of extra money that you've earned that pay period. This incredible benefit ultimately means a huge amount of extra income for you all year long! Of course, you have to be on a Summit Medical Staffing Summit Medical Staffing assignment in order to start earning this extra money. So if you're not already traveling with us, click here to apply!


If you are currently on assignment and want to learn even more about the Summit Medical Staffing Tax Advantage Plan, please call 877-514-6721 for more information.


If you want complete tax details on the Tax Advantage Plan follow this link to the IRS tax code information.

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