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Travel & Housing Questions

Q. What type of housing will I be in?

A. Our career representatives are here to provide housing resources for a variety of options including fully furnished apartments, extended stay hotels, RV parks, etc.


Q. Can I find my own housing?

A. Absolutely!  


Compensation, Benefits, Insurance and Bonuses


Q. How often will I get paid?

A. You will get paid every Friday.  We provide direct deposit to your checking or savings account. You can view your payroll information online 24/7 through our payroll provider’s website.


Q. Can you give me more information about the Tax Advantage Program?

A. There are some initial rules that need to be followed in order to qualify for the Tax Advantage Program. Some of them are:

  • You must have a tax home. Generally, your tax home is where you normally reside and pay taxes. If you constantly travel and have no permanent residence, you would not qualify for this program.

  • Your tax home must be different from your travel assignment location. If you are working in the general proximity of your tax home and return home nightly from your shift, you would not qualify for the program.

  • Your assignment must be less than one year. You may have multiple travel assignments and extensions of assignments, but each original assignment plus extensions at one location must be less than a year.  You must also return to your permanent tax home a minimum of 30 days per year.

  • All tax questions should be directed to your personal tax adviser. The ideal tax adviser is a licensed professional who has experience working with those who take temporary work assignments away from their homes.

  • To learn ALL the qualifying details of the TAX ADVANTAGE Program, please consult a licensed Tax Consultant, or visit the IRS at


Q. Tell me a little about the benefits I get with Summit Medical Staffing.

A. In addition to your weekly paycheck which will be deposited directly into your savings or checking account which you can view online 24/7, you’ll be eligible for  medical insurance, optional add-on dental and supplemental benefits, professional certification and license reimbursement, referral bonuses ($750 each!), and company-matching 401(k)!  You also get one-on-one relationships with a caring team of professionals – your Career Representative are all eager and ready to help you soar to and on your new job!


Q. Can I add my spouse and/or children to my insurance?

A. Yes, you may add your spouse or children to your insurance for additional fees.


Q. Do you offer any type of retirement plan?

A. Yes! Summit Medical Staffing offers a generous company-matching 401k program which matches 100% of up to 3% of your gross taxable pay.  That means free matching money to you and more money to put toward retirement.  


Q. Tell me more about your Referral bonuses.

A. Refer a friend to Summit Medical Staffing and when your referral completes a 13-week assignment, you will receive a check.   You’ll earn $500 for each traveler!  To get on the quick path to your finder’s fees, fill out our refer a friend form.



Licensing/Certification Questions


Q. Is it hard to get a license in another state where I’d like to work?

A. Your Recruiter will be happy to fill you in on the specific details of getting a license in the state you may want to work in.  All state licensure requirements are different. For example, some states (approximately 25 of them), are Compact States which means your licensure is reciprocal within the states that participate.  (Current Compact states can be found at Other states are Walk Through states which allow a nurse to bring all required licensing paperwork to the new state’s Board of Nursing which then provides the required license within a few days.  Other states require longer waiting periods


Well seasoned travel nurses will plan their assignment areas ahead of time so they can get the proper state licensure ready before they are ready to travel to the new location.


And don’t forget: Summit Medical Staffing will reimburse you for the required licensure expenses relating to your travel assignment/s with us after your assignment.


Q. What if my ACLS/BLS is expired or is close to expiring while I am on an assignment? What should I do?

A. Our compliance team will notify you of expiring documents and your career representative will let you know if you are eligible for reimbursement for the renewal of your certification.

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