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Travel Nursing and Allied Health salaries and incentives are bigger and better
with Summit Medical Staffing

Travel nursing and allied health careers bring you to hospitals and healthcare facilities where your skills and compassion are truly needed. And as a travel healthcare professional, you need a level of flexibility and willingness that not every clinician has. That’s why we feel you should be well compensated for the job you do.


Of course, salaries always vary depending on location but our team does its best to ensure that our pay rates are always amongst the highest in the travel healthcare industry… no matter where you take an assignment.


Plus, because your livelihood rests in our hands we decided to add our Tax Advantage Plan to our already long list of standard benefits. With this plan you can make up to 15% more in every paycheck! It’s a great benefit that not many other companies offer.


Your earning potential doesn't stop there! Our travel nursing bonuses can be a nice supplement to your terrific salary. Summit Medical Staffing offers a generous referral bonus of $500. After all, we know that our best source of new & talented travel nurses is the highly skilled clinicians who are already part of our team. To put it simply, word-of-mouth is our best form of advertising and you deserve to be compensated for your services. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


We also give you the potential to earn even more money with our completion bonuses. We offer these bonuses on various travel nursing assignments and they can range anywhere from $500 and higher.


Did we mention there are occasional shift differentials too? Earn up to an additional $2 per hour, per pay period at select facilities for evening, night and rotating shifts. And we can’t forget guaranteed pay!


Last but not least we also offer you a 401k. It’s an effortless way to start planning for your future. Enroll after only 90 days of continuous employment, and defer up to 50% of your income, tax-free. You will have a broad variety of investment options, which should help you feel comfortable in your outlook for tomorrow.


Our goal is to truly offer the very best salary and employment package in the travel industry.

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