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We know that you are unique and we want to hear your story! 

Why are you traveling? What are your expectations? 
Your Career goals? 

Learning your work experience, skills, strengths, preferences, and 
understanding your interests, preferences, responsibilities, needs, fears, weaknesses, and even
communication style are all important to us and we feel essential for providing you the best representation,
a personal experience,
and delivering opportunities that best fit you. 


We deliver the most relevant, up to date, and accurate industry knowledge available! 

We offer unparalleled transparency providing guidance and explanations of: facility bill rates, pay package break downs, GSA tax free stipends, submittal -> interview -> acceptance 
 specific market, vendor, facility, and industry trends influenced by 
seasonality, specific areas 
and specialties. 

We want you knowledgeable of these factors because knowledge is power and we believe in empowering our travelers so you can make your own best informed decisions!


We are here to lead you toward a path of happy traveling by maximizing your earning potential and overall travel experience while achieving your personal and professional goals. 

Assisting with prioritizing your wants and needs, 
setting and adjusting your 
and plans to meet your short and long-term travel goals. 

Providing guidance and 
navigating industry trends, challenges, and pitfalls, while presenting pros/cons and strategies that are catered specifically to you.


We go beyond recruiting. We strive to be the best resource possible for you in every area through education, consultation, collaboration, and communication during the job search, interview, and acceptance process.

We always represent your best interests in negotiating assignment terms, addressing your concerns, providing 
consult and alternative solutions, and supporting you throughout the entire assignment from beginning to end and onto the next one. 

Working together, we will help ensure that you achieve your desired goals and enjoy your travel journeys along the way!

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Dana N

What is your favorite thing about Summit?

“I was nervous about taking on the travel world but Peter S. has made the process extremely smooth and reassuring! He takes the uncertainty and rides with the waves with me and is always keeping communication open!”


Mac K

What is your favorite thing about Summit?

“Summit cares. Seriously, other agencies only see dollar signs. Throughout my years with Summit, I have used one recruiter, Patty Hingst. I will never use anyone else as long as I travel; the day she isn’t a recruiter is the day I don’t travel. Summit has shown serious efforts to get us paid the right amount and on time when something has gone away. I also have the benefit of being one of Patty’s longest travelers, and feel I could talk to Patty about anything, work-related or not.”

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Emily G

What is your favorite thing about Summit?

“I love how friendly and helpful the entire staff has been. Cameron was a key part in helping me make the decision to start traveling and I never felt alone. He definitely helped me every step of the way on this awesome journey.”

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